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Black Stallion Big Black Male Stripper

This Midlands based stripper, travels all over the UK, a favorite performer on the London and Blackpool Adonis Cabaret shows, his Black Sparrow and 70's shows are both well thought out and performed - for a 6 foot 6 man his agile dance moves would give the  most nible dancer a run for there money. you can book Black Stallion for Kissograms and Stripograms all over the UK but priced per travel ..


Black Stallion is one of my favorite performers, his stunning stage shows are always a stormer, your audience won't be dissapointed! - Tristan Tristar - Adonis Cabaret

Customer Reviews:

admin  (Tuesday, 16 December 2008)
Rating: 5
Brilliant Night in Blackpool, Black Stallion was the best and the fantastic thing was we got to spend VIP with the guys and they where a great

Bring on the next HEN DOO