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Male Strippers in Sailsbury

If you love male strippers you can book one of the Adonis cabaret boys Devon to come to you in Salisbury, or why not book the whole team to come to you? Or pop down the coast to see the Adonis Cabaret at there own club in Bournmouth. 

 Salisbury is situated in Wiltshire in southern England. The city has a history as far back as the iron age. During the Roman times the city was called "Sorviodunum". When the city was named “Searoburh”, in Saxon times, there was a great battle between the Britons and the West Saxons. After the Normans occupation of England, they built a castle here, it was called "Sarum". The castle site is now unpopulated and is called Old Sarum. It was here that the first cathedral was built in Salisbury, in 1075. However, when relations between military and clergy in the region deteriorated, the cathedral was re-sited. The new city, or New Sarum, was founded in 1220 and became what we now know as Salisbury. The cathedral also has the country’s largest spire at 404 feet.

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