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Tristan Tristar

Well the first act I'm gonna recommend is me... well what did you expect lol - even politicians vote for themselves (and the other acts told me I had to honest...) Although I don't do Stripograms or Kissograms anymore (well I can hardly go up against gods like Danny Valentino and JJ O’Neil) you can still come and see me do my thang at The Adonis Cabaret Show every Saturday night - we have 5 shows running all year in Blackpool, Brighton, Bournemouth, London and Newcastle and I make a surprise guest appearance at one of these shows every week - check the site for more info (PS I'm still available for TV Cameos and Print Media – hint..) I'm going to let me best mate tell you the rest about me as I've gone all shy...

( By Davina Sparkle - piss take more likely..)

Once upon a time in the land of Oz, The Oompa Loompas all gathered round to talk to their friend Tripod Tryhard,"Munchkin land is full" they said, so off you go to Brighton and learn how to become a Stripper, so Mr Tryhard packed his rucksack and off he went. When he arrived and after being found in bass bin at the Honeyclub, some fool taught him how to Fire Breathe and but he became very good at it... so he went to Vienna to learn how to be a Stripper, came back all tanned and muscled and went back to school to learn how to speak and tell jokes, unfortunately the jokes are still cr*p but he did become a very good Stripper and Showman called Tristan Tristar...
Seriously though, Tristan is a zany, fun and outrageous guy, with a zest for life who loves performing his fantastic Strip show to hundreds of ladies, if he can do it and is available for your event, I would recommend my handsome and charming best mate any day!
Um, er, cheers, I suppose "Dave". So next time there is a stripper on your favourite TV show or a Drag Queen on your favourite soap we will make sure we give you a wink - watch out for us!! Love Tristan x Professional Idiot.




Lee "TOP GUN" Devon, ideal choice for stripagrams near London. Winner of most fun strip show 2008 (Adonis awards)

Devon is one of the UK’s top male stripper performers and has been part of the Dreamboys and has worked for the Adonis Cabaret Show for a number of years as well as heading The Men In Uniform show in Londons west end. Available for Strippergrams and ladies nights he is an excellent choice when booking a stripper for your special occasion as he is extremely reliable, professional and a true gentleman. Devon is based on the outskirts of London but travels all over the South, south east and south west of England to entertain covering a very wide area. If it’s a hunky, fun friendly stripper you’re after, Devon’s you’re man! You’ll love him!!



Danny ValentinoDanny Valentino voted best London Kissogram 2007 (Adonis Awards)

Danny Valentino is one of the busiest strippers in the UK, and if you book him you will find out why, laid back and charming, with outfits for all occasions he is the archetypal Stripogram in London. Danny is stunning, turning heads when he walks into a room, but with a big smile and relaxed manner will soon make everyone at ease and you soon feel like you have known him for years. Danny was one of the founder members of Adonis Cabaret, I have toured with him all over the UK and Europe and I’m constantly begging him to come back and work for us.. and I know by recommending him he will be even busier so he will never come back but he’s a good friend and I hope if you book him he will soon be yours too.. Although busy Danny will always try to accommodate you in time and location, if you book as early as possible and have some time options this will increase your chances off of a successful booking.
For more info and pictures and booking click here -


Gavin MichaelsGavin Michaels from the Lily Allen TV show

Gavin Michaels is one of UK’s top Male Models; he has done many magazine front covers and has worked as a Male Stripper for nearly 10 years, with an amazing physique and chiselled good looks he is available to be booked as a Stripogram / Male Stripper in London, Greater London, Northamptonshire and Essex.

A very popular Stripper and I’m pleased to say a good friend of mine, Gavin has worked with me on the Adonis Cabaret and still does on selected shows throughout the year. (I’m trying to get him to do more but he’s in great demand). Gavin is a relaxed and happy guy, he spends a lot of time in the gym working on his great body, he’s very genial and enjoys his job a lot “As long as I’m making people laugh and having fun and giving the Ladies a great Night, I’m happy”. Wow is he too good to be true?

Gavin prides himself on doing a fantastic show for you but you will probably need to book him early to avoid disappointment. For booking please see agents page for a reputable agent to book him through.

I have worked with Gavin on many occasions and have always found him to be a consummate professional with a great show; he’s always an uplifting nice guy
Davina Sparkle – Drag Comedian

With many enquiries for Gavin, sometimes it’s hard to fill them all, Gavin is a really great guy and a brilliant Male Stripper, and I would recommend him for any party.
David – Show Strippers



JJ O'neil

JJ O'Neil one of the male strippers from the Minstrels ad

JJ O Neil is based in Norwich in Norfolk. A personal Trainer and Male Model he is also a brilliant Male Stripper / Stripogram and is probably one of the fittest guys around. JJ prides himself on a healthy diet and regular trips to the gym, as well as his passion for quad biking and extreme sports including sky diving!

As a Male Model JJ is the Cover man for Kiniki underwear, his unique good looks have taken him from Thailand to Torbay and Miami to Manchester for different modelling assignments for many fashion houses, however, there’s nothing JJ likes more than entertaining groups of ladies with his fab shows.
Another one of my good friends JJ has worked with the Dreamboys, Adonis Cabaret and many male revue shows but his solo show is something else. I can highly recommend JJ O Neil for you Hen Party or Birthday celebration. You will probably need to book him early to avoid disappointment.

I have worked with JJ on Hen shows, the Adonis Cabaret and many other parties. He is always a gentlemen and his show is fantastic. One of those guys who just makes you feel good in his company.
Davina Sparkle – Drag Comedian

I have used JJ O Neil on many occasions and have always found him to be on time, great looking and a brilliant Male Stripper.
David – Show Strippers